alanta med GmbH

With a Germany-wide network of medical care centers (MVZ), we stand for outpatient, local care and have specialized in the fields of haematology, oncology, gastroenterology and immunology in particular. We use our in-depth specialist knowledge and experience in these medical disciplines to offer our patients high-quality, comprehensive care. Our locations range from large cities to rural areas to ensure comprehensive care.

Our highly qualified doctors have outstanding expertise in their respective specialist areas and are always up to date with the latest treatment options.

Our participation in scientific studies underlines our commitment to medical progress and the continuous improvement of patient care.

Through innovative concepts, we enable doctors and practice teams to concentrate fully on patient care. We achieve this through optimized processes, the use of innovative technologies and efficient organization. We rely on digital processes, supported by intelligent software systems and state-of-the-art medical technology.

At alanta med, we are more than just healthcare experts - we are people who are passionate about helping people.

Our Medical Care Centers


Several Locations

Main Focus: Gastroenterology

Main Focus: Oncology

Main Focus: Gynecological Oncology