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In Mümmelmannsberg, a neighborhood in the eastern part of Hamburg, there is the SKH Stadtteilklinik and the psychiatric day clinic in the Praxisklinik Mümmelmannsberg. Both clinics are important for the medical care of the people in this neighborhood, who often have difficulties overcoming structural barriers.

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SKH Stadtteilklinik Hamburg

The SKH Stadtteilklinik is an inpatient clinic, firmly established in the bed plan of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. It mainly treats internal medicine patients. The focus is on general internal medicine acute care close to home. A special feature of the SKH Stadtteilklinik is the option of short inpatient general medical care - StatAMed. This innovative form of care combines outpatient care by doctors in private practice with inpatient care in a hospital. The SKH Stadtteilklinik also has inpatient beds in the specialist departments of surgery, gynecology and ENT.

Psychiatric day clinic

The psychiatric day clinic at Praxisklinik Mümmelmannsberg with its associated outpatient clinic focuses on transcultural psychiatry, which deals with the cultural aspects of mental illness.

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